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Groupage and LCL

By efficient working and sometimes by combining several small consignments we can often ship small quantities by seacontainer.

For every shipment we can advise on possibilities and procedures for export and import, with back-up from our network of (international) expediters and logistical agents.

LCL Shipments

Shipment of small quantities can occasionally be combined with other senders/receivers. This enables you to ship earlier instead of waiting for goods to increase for a full containerload, saving time and enabling earlier receival at destination.

Groupage directly loaded by DPA

  • DPA strives for efficient grouping of goods from DPA Customs Bonded Warehouse by seacontainer to Africa e.g. Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Cameroon, Uganda.
  • Through our network of international expediteurs and logistical agents we advise on best available possibilities and procedures for import.
Export procedures at departure

We prepare and process the exportdeclarations when goods depart from our warehouse or from your own location.

  • When exported outside EG payment of VAT and mostly all taxes on purchases and other costs can be avoided (when paid via DPA).
  • In case of purchases via DPA all suppliers- and manufacturers conditions and guarantees remain valid.

Import procedures at destination
In cooperation with your addressee/project and the clearing agent at destination, we communicate and investigate procedures and requirements, in order to prepare the needed documents to facilitate easiest import in country of destination.
Taxes and costs

Depending on the agreed Incoterm (CIF or CIP), transports are insured and we act as intermediate to insurer in processing and follow-up on claims. Our estimations usually consist of nett costs for: purchases, storage, transport, packing and insurance. For our administration we add 1-6% on CFR value. (CFR is value of goods, packing, storage, transport and administration).

Instructions for delivery of goods to DPA-Warehouse
  • All goods (cartons, bags, packages,pallets) are to be labelled with address of sender and project.
  • Depending on destination there can be ‘special packing’ requirements accoring to ISPM 15 standard.
  • For every shipment a packinglist is needed (preferably in Excell and by email).
  • When dangerous goods are to be included in the goods (e.g. oilpaint, batteries, etc) this must be announced to us prior to delivery, so that we communicate on possibilities and restrictions.
Collection by DPA
DPA can arrange collection from your or any other location and transport your goods to DPA warehouse, costcalculation on request.


Our services include a wide range of logistics services.

FCL Seafreight

There are several ways to transport a full sea container, for example because there are containers of different sizes.


Companies often opt for airfreight if the shipment is urgent to or from the Netherlands must be transported.

Packing – Storage & Warehousing

Various storage options in a heated and ventilated warehouse. This varies from export goods, trading goods and household effects storage.

Logistical agent for all kinds of transport worldwide and specialized in Africa. We have experience and good networks for seafreight, airfreight, landtransport, courierservices, exports and imports (taxfree purchase for export outside EC).