We handle shipments of packages, pallets, seacontainers, vehicles etc. by sea-, land- and airtransport, courier- and postal services.
Addressed to projects, schools, hospitals, farms, companies and people Worldwide.
From our Customs Bonded Warehouse we have our own groupage shipments to Africa, e.g. Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia.
For any shipment and destination we advise you on best possibilities available.

Our special concern is to investigate requirements for import and to monitor the shipment until goods have reached destination.
To enable this we have a reliable network of agents and expediters.

VAT is not being applied to our costs of services and goods bought through us, when exported outside the European Community.

Collection of goods from The Netherlands and surrounding countries for delivery to our warehouse can be arranged by us.

Specified costcalculations can be prepared for each individual case, actual charges being composed of: nett costs for purchase of goods, transport, warehousing, packing, insurance and handling.

Costs and rates available on request by phone +31 111 651690 or Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Delivery of goods to DPA
- all colli (cartons, bags, packages, bikes etc.) to be labelled with both senders- and
  destination address.
- used clothes can only be delivered after having consulted us.
- each delivery has to be accompanied by a packinglist (see example)

>>>>> Example Packinglist >>>>>